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15201Re: IOC and Indian Partiarchate

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  • J M Paul
    May 10, 2009
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      Dear Philip Mathew,

      It should not be considered as a"Laissez-faire mentality' of Mr. Mathew, but to be considered as the real picture of the intention of the IOCians. You and other IOCians do have "fuedal mentality' that whatever you people think are the correct version as you always criticise Patriarch of Antioc and HB Thomas I Catholica while talking about "unity and Peace in Orthodox communion'. If you are a true cristian then you should apreciate and respect other church's leaders instead of speading venom against them. First you must teach the IOC leaders about the true version of the Cristianity(love others as you do yourself) then to interpret others view about the church matters
      J M Paul
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