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15167Re: IOC and Indian Partiarchate

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  • Arun Mathew
    May 5, 2009
      Mr. Joseph,

      I read the articles related to this topic and I would like to suggest that we, the Syrian Orhtodox Church members doesn't need to worry about the internal affairs of Indian Orthodox church and its honourable Catholicose. If they decided to give their leader the title of Patriarch, Pope, Marpapa or whatever it is, we dont need to criticize that, since thats their internal matter and the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church doesn't have anything to do with it.I dont know how many church leaders reading the discussions in this forum, but if anyone reading it, let them make the smart decisions and be alert that the IOC is not going to mess up with our parishes and its property any more. Simultaniously, hire some intelligent attorneys and get our parishes and its properties thorugh the legal way. We do not need to respond to the same way as some of the Indian Orthodox Members commenting about us and our leadership.

      Because majority of that church members doesn't have any interest in church issues since they all know that they doing unfair. As they said, we just agree that we are PUTHEN KURISHU SOCIEITY and we are happy with that and they dont need to worry about that either. The Great Sree Narayana Guru worshipped the diety of Lord Siva and when he was criticized, he responded that he was worshipping Ezhava Siva. The truth is that today is ours and tomorrow is ours too.Our primary responsibility is to expand our church in the new horizons and make it as at least the second largest church in Kerala within the next couple of decades. Church leadership has the responsibility to consult the lawyers and find ways to prevent the cross-factioning of priests and how to legally face it if such an incident happen in the future as well as how to keep our property with us in the future occasions.
      Arun Mathew
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