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15147Re: IOC and Indian Partiarchate

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  • Issac K Joseph
    May 3, 2009
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      Dear Philip

      Please go through your owns words in different "Indian orthodox Church Pvt Ltd company" internet forums and judge yourself who is spreading 'hate' messages.


      1. Any person with common sense can know the malevolent motive behind
      the crafty `claims' advertisement of the `Puthen Kurish Society'
      over the Seminary...

      2. Indeed even the Crow can fly up-side down (Kakka malannu parakkum)
      when there are crafty administrators. What more can one expect when
      there are amateurish leaderships both at the `Puthen- Kurish Society'...

      3. 2) Nowhere in the world does the Patriarch experience such Pomp
      & glory as in India; leave alone his home country, where the so-
      called "Prince" Patriarch's very existence is not known to all. (We
      have a large group of Syrians working with us here in the Middle
      East. I had changed a lot in my views and opinions after getting to
      know them very closely, the so called "praised Seemakar", whom the
      innocent Kerala folks to this day consider as something mystical that
      they see once in a while- "Kandillae nalla poovam pazham polae veluthu


      In Christ
      Issac K Joseph

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Philip Abraham wrote:
      > Dear Mr. Mathew G M,
      > I congratulate you for your mature, broad minded and 'hate-free' message. You certainly have the "Love of Christ" within you. "May God Bless you."
      > Regards,
      > Philip Abraham,
      > Saudi Arabia.
      > ID No.4097
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