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15137St: Pauls Mission is doing great job, Started Holy Qurbano in kannada.

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  • Nebu Jacob
    May 3, 2009
      Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ

      St:Paul's mission, under the Holy see of Syrian Orthodox church is doing a great job in the country.As part of the missionary work, Mission conducted a three -day convention in Bangalore.

      Around nine people came from Kerala with all the music and sound systems in a small vehicle.The team was headed by H.E Mor Gevargeese Koorilose, Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese. Even though Mission is not doing the convention in orthodoxy manner, they are the symbol of Jesus christ living in human beings. It was a blessing convention.

      The gathering at the meeting was very less. "Thirumeni" was there in the convention and Thirumeni was very sad for the lack of interest of our people in knowing the Jesus Christ.

      Our people should support missionaries. They are doing good things in suburb of the Bangalore city, Because of their missionary work lot of people are identified Jesus as the savior and started worshiping him.

      I have a request to our Missionary people please don't forget our churches beliefs and ideology. During your teachings please try to follow that and also try to give some importance to Mother of Jesus as well as to Saints.

      Thanks & regards
      Nebu Jacob.
      Neelimangalam Church