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15131IOC Catholicos and German Abp Moshe Gurgan

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  • V.T John
    May 1, 2009
      My dear & Rev Members of the SOCM Forum.

      In my humble view there is no contradition in the two ducuments issued by Maran Mar Catholicos of the IO Church. The first one recognises the status of the SOC of Europe and of H.E Abp Moshe Gurgan as its primate. The second one is simply to ensure that the H.E Primate of the SOC of Europe is not allowed free entry in the institutions of IO Church until the H.E is allowed a seat in the Synod IO Church. (The former one is sufficient for the His Eminence to establish himself in Germany while the second one is only for domestic consumption---the other is for export. The wording in the former document shows that it is prepared in German's English and not in Malayali English.) The process of making the H.E a member of the Synod is not a difficult one. Paret Mar Ivanios was not elected to be ordained a metropolitan by the Malanakara Association but he continued to be a metropolitan of the IO Church till he passed away. Maran Mar Mathews II was never elected by the Malanakara Asociation to be ordained metropolitan even though he became a Catholicos subsequently. A mere resolution of the managing committee will change the whole thing.

      The IO Church means business. The IO Church knows SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. The position of the Metropolitan Yohannan of the Believers Church is well known and even our beloved Dr.Gevargis Mor Kurilos Metropolitan was one of the honoured guests in a function organised by the Primate of the Believers Church. So in course of time the German Metropolitan will be one of the VIPs among the world church leaders with the recognition letter of the Maran Catholicos and he will help the IO Church to give trouble to.Moran Patriach from India to Europe and the Middle East.

      May God save the Church.
      V.T John
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