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  • Kochumon Mannicherry
    Apr 30, 2009
      I agree with Mr Chandy in this issue. If we say they don't have Kayvappu then we should treat them like that. But I don't think SOC consider it that way. I personally believe they do not have priesthood so I don't normally attend their services. On the other hand I don't think our church think the same way if they do how can even Jacobite priest marry IOC lady's(if they do not have priesthood all their sacraments are invalid therefore IOC members need to be baptised when they join in our church, so dose baby's who baptised in places like parumala.On the other hand (I think this the church's stand) if we consider them as sister church then we can accept them and they can conduct sacraments with us or in our church. But if that's the case why we have cases with them? We could say it they who filed the cases against us then why we consider a church which don't follow any basic christian concept as a sister church?

      I don't think any of this questions ever be answered from church authority because it easy it ignore this than finding an acceptable answer for these issues

      Kochumon Mannicherry

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, S Chandys wrote:
      > Hi
      > We do claim that they dont have apstolic blessings(Kaivepu)and allowing them to conduct Holy Mass at our church, allowing them or anybody to come and pray is fine, but I think Qurbana must be conducted by persons who has the KAIVEPU, otherwise there is no sacredness for the sacrement.
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