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  • Mark Sedrak
    Apr 27, 2009
      Christ is Risen! + Truly
      He is Risen!

      The Word who became all things for us is close
      to us, our Lord Jesus Christ who promises to remain with us always. He cries out, saying: "See, I am with you all the days of this age."

      He is himself the shepherd, the high priest, the way and the door, and has become all things at once for us. In the same way, he has come among us as our feast and holy day as well. The blessed Apostle says
      of him who was awaited: "Christ has been sacrificed as our Passover."

      It was Christ who shed his light on the psalmist as he prayed: "You are my joy, deliver me from those surrounding me."

      True joy, genuine festival, means the casting out of wickedness. To achieve this one must live a life of perfect goodness and, in the serenity of the fear of God, practice contemplation in one's heart.

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