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14304Re:A letter to Dear Terrorist

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  • Alias Cherian
    Dec 10, 2008
      Well said Mr. Abraham,
      We are not Hindus, Muslims or Christians but we are proud "INDIANS", from the land of  Mahatma Gandhi, where we fought for a century for freedom on the platform of Non-Violence. Our forefathers have faced British soldiers guns with their cheat and whipping from soldiers with out reacting. They where the real Martyrs the world has seen.
      Dear Terrorist, Such terrorist attacks will only make us more united and make Anti - terrorist countries more united and act together. So friends, think again, think about your teachings, think about the world outside your ideologies, only your Boss gain millions in this dirty game & you with a little reward and the identity to you and your family as a terrorist till the end of the world.   
      Jai Hind !

      Alias Cherian
      SOCM, ID - 4108
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