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14281Re: Dear Church authority

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  • Vinod Verghese
    Dec 6, 2008
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      I fully agree with what Binto Varghese has said.

      Remember we do not have a fully organised student wing which actually 
      is a big blunder continuing in our church in this modern world, since 
      the students, especially those going out side Kerala do not have a 
      chance to know about our church. IOCs have done that wisely. They 
      have student centres at key locations. We ought to strive to make up 
      places where our students can be put up for stay under the guidance 
      of a priest or a deacon so that they do not get exposed to other 
      preachers who are roaming about in student hostels of big colleges.
      I do congratulate and appreciate the efforts of Dn Bobby for 
      organising a group in Palai. Such initiatives should come up. We need to have one in Changanacherry as well.

      It is high time our church leadership took steps to reorganise our 
      student wing.

      I propose we should have a full time bishop (not involved in any 
      other diocese or activity) with priests under him for this purpose 
      alone (organising student groups,classes / seminars, building student 
      centres at various centres for accomodating our students going 
      outside for studying etc).Now actually our HG Mor Athanasius 
      GeeVarghese Eralil bishop can be given this responsibilty as the 
      bishop has got a lot of potential for the same.
      I have seen a lot of letters in this forum regarding various issues. 
      But no one had brought up this real spiritual plight of our student 
      Another thing that Binto Varghese has written is worth noting.
      We definitely need to have a lot of parishes outside Kerala. At 
      present there are hardly 30 or 35 in place of an actual requirement of around 500.No proper initiative is coming from the church leadership in this regard.

      I appreciate the works of HG Mor Themothios Thomas done during the 
      time when the church was in dire straits and that was the need of the 
      hour. But now, the church has grown and become strong. So it is time 
      we expand. For this if we continue as only 1 archdocese we will not 
      have sufficient people to take the lead. So it is high time that the 
      outside Kerala is divided into 5 or 6 dioceses under more number of 
      bishops as the area to be covered is large and cannot be done by 1 or 2 bishops. Then we can concentrate on more areas and have faster development.

      Singapore itself is an example. We should have had a parish long 
      back. It was only this year that we took the initiative to start 
      one. By this time we lost a lot of our flock. When someone projected 
      this in our forum,I found lots of accuses and teases from our own 
      people attending IOC church and some IOC member saying we do not have 
      the capital nor the money to start one.

      But once the initiative was taken see now we have a membership of 
      around 160 just after 9 months.This is an example that can be 
      followed in all the places. One such example is Europe which was 
      organised in a short period when an young and enthustiastic bishop 
      like Mor Theophilos Kuriakose was given charge.

      Many of our people are yet to come back in our parish in Singapore. They probably have a fear that lot of money will be required for 
      purchasing a church and have the fear of having to contribute. IOCs 
      have built their churches using our people's money. I have heard our 
      people in Singapore saying how they contributed for building the 
      other church. One person said one pillar in that church is built fully using his money as he contributed for that purpose.

      But God is great . He has helped us in many places to build our own 
      church even if we do not have money.
      Another thing that should be done is whenever we plan to start a new 
      congregation, our Bava should take the initiative to send bulls to 
      all parishes regarding this and ask to pass information about 
      relatives and others in that area to contact the concerned vicar or 
      So I pray and hope our church leadership will understand the gravity 
      of the situation and take effective steps.
      With Prayers
      Vinod Verghese
      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Binto Varghese wrote:

      Dear Church authority,
      In Karnataka, we have nothing.. Davankara, Colar, Mysoor . etc are 
      the educational hubs in not only Karnataka but also India. Among the 
      students in that place 50% Christians students are Jacobite, .In that 
      region IOC have church and student center .In these students center 
      and church 50% are Jacobite and they are active too. In Mysoor there 
      is a Big IOC church, but 60% are Jacobite and Knanayaties ,they give 
      lots of money for building that church. Church secretary of that 
      church is Jacobite from Angamali Diocese. Please remember one thing 
      we have land there for building the church, but there was no 
      initiatives from church authority, our Jacobite and Knanayites join 
      IOC. "Areyum Kuttam paranjittu kariyam ella"
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