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14264Dear Church authority

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  • Binto Varghese
    Dec 3, 2008
      Dear Church authority,

      In Karnataka, we have nothing.. Davankara, Colar, Mysoor . etc are the educational hubs in not only Karnataka but also India. Among the students in that place 50% Christians students are Jacobite, .In that region IOC have church and student center .In these students center and church 50% are Jacobite and they are active too. In Mysoor there is a Big IOC church, but 60% are Jacobite and Knanayaties ,they give lots of money for building that church. Church secretary of that church is Jacobite from Angamali Diocese. Please remember one thing we have land there for building the church, but there was no initiatives from church authority, our Jacobite and Knanayites join IOC. "Areyum Kuttam paranjittu kariyam ella"

      In Trivandrum lots of Jacobite are working in Techno Park, lots of students are studying in CET, Medical College, But we have only two church.

      Please give You attention to Greater India, Except Bangloor, Delhi, we have nothing, In US, lots of Jacobite join Marthom Church, and Malankara Catholics, to avoid go IOC church, my cousin also did that, In Bulawayo US more than 45 Jacobite families join Marthoma Church, they want a church but financial states and lack of support from church authority, they can not begin a church. Our church authority must do one thing

      1) Collect details of students, employees, and families they are not in their home parish. This can be easily collect from their relatives and family members.
      2) After creating a complete data base, contact them,
      3) Start a new church or community,

      Now our church authority is sleeping, or pretend to sleep. We can not say when they wake up. We should pray to God.

      Binto Varghese
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