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14252A question and its answer about Christmas

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  • Paul Ciniraj
    Dec 2, 2008
      A question and its answer about Christmas


      How do you respond to the teachings of the certain churches that
      the birth of our Lord Jesus (Christmas) was not in the month of
      December as it was very diificult for the shepherds to stay outside
      overnight during winter time?

      Answer from Paul Ciniraj,

      We have no answer for the argument about Jesus birthday on December

      Some of the Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas not on December
      25, but on January 6, which is "Denaha" or the baptismal day of our
      Lord Jesus. Our Lord was baptised for the mankind on His 30th of

      Our Lord's birth, baptism, crucifixion, death, resurrection and
      ascencion - everything was done for the whole mankind.

      Whenever we accept Jesus, that day onwards we are partakers of His
      birth, baptism, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascencion. So
      we can celebrate all these in our life at any day or any time as a
      tradition. Anyday means, including December 25.

      As you know, when a priest baptise a child he pour out water from
      the side of child's leg to the chest, then from the side of head to
      the chest, then from the side of left ribs to the chest and the
      right side to the chest. It is cross. That means the child is
      crucifying with Jesus, dies and burying. It is the symbol of the
      resurrection when the baptised child is taking out from the water.
      That is a christian's re-birth in Jesus Christ.

      December 25 is six days before the new year. January 6 is six days
      after new years. Whether December 25 or January 6, Christmas is a
      great day for a christian. Most of the people around the globe
      celebrates christmas on December 25 and the Orthodox Churches in
      India join with them.

      Christmas means Christ-Mas. It is a MAS Belief. Those who accept
      Jesus as personal saviour transforming likely as Jesus. So millions,
      who accepted Jesus joined together with one mind and one faith is
      Christmas. It must be for the glorification of God with purity and
      holiness of mind and body. And never.... never for unholy and crazy
      in Jesus

      Paul Ciniraj