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14219Re: Parumala Church ,Niranam Church,Puthupally Church and Thrikunnath Church

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  • Thomas M Shajy
    Nov 26, 2008
      May be no one will agree with my opinion. It is foolish to think that
      Parumala Thirumeni or St: Mary need our money. If someone think that
      by offering good some at the tomb and church you can go to heaven or
      you can get away with anything you need then you are all mistaken.
      Possible this may give some comfort to the people who is offering. If
      this gives them some comfort then let them continue doing so.

      I have read in this forum to distribute the money to the beggars
      instead of offering to the church. Seems a good idea. I think it is
      much better as many poor people will be benefited. Even you can
      contribute this to any charity work.

      In my opinion, Parumala THirumeni and our saints will also agree with

      Church need money for only its normal running, If there is plenty of
      money they do not know what to do and may even demolish and rebuilt
      the church again and again.

      With love...
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      > Dear readers,
      > I would like to discuss somethings about Syriac Orthodox (Jacobites)
      who visit these churches.
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