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1407Re: Response to Apostolic Church (1)

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  • Thomas P
    Oct 28, 2002
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      Dear respected Paul Philipose,

      Not only the Catholicos, but the Patriarch also takes oath not to
      teach anything contrary to the Apostolic faith. Thus, oath is not
      just for the Catholicos. Neither is it one sided, or one way.

      St. Severus says: "validity of priesthood is not founded on throne,
      but in maintaining the Orthodox faith."

      Again you blame it all on Catholicos. Catholicos Augen was a scholar
      who learned the theology of the church. He was also a pious ascetic
      who lived a holy life. No relationship in the church is one way - it
      is all two way. It is not about one imposing ideas on the other. If
      Patriarch taught a teaching that is against the faith to Mar Augen,
      then it was the responsibility of Mar Augen to stand firm in the
      truth. I am talking about priesthood of St. Thomas, because of whom we
      are Christians by the mercy of God. So, we do not believe in the
      infallibility of any father - that we need to accept and be under any
      father blindly. Holy fathers Orthodox in history, based on mysteries
      revealed to them stood for the truth.

      Christian aim is living in unity, more importantly with love, just
      like Apostles were united irrespective of minor differences between

      I have a simple question to you, will you invite an Orthodox side
      priest to concelebrate for a function in your family? Kindly answer
      yes or no.

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