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13981Re: Proposal for truce. (MSOC Vs JOC).

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  • Sajy Thannikkottu
    Nov 5, 2008
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      Dear Mammen H

      Basic need of the hour is people recognizing right & wrong. Once we
      are able to identify these rights & wrongs, we would be able to
      condemn violence. Until unless people will not condemn violence we
      will not have any change in our life.

      It is not because there is no solution for our problem, but it is
      because we don't want a solution. Your suggestion can be a good move
      if it can generate response. I won't say this is the only solution;
      there can be other solutions also. But I think you will get hardly any
      response, as it is not easy to swim against wave. People will find
      swimming very easy & convenient with wave. Our people also prefer this
      & so we can't blame them.

      None of our Metropolitans will take any initiative to solve this
      century old violence. They are happily watching foolish people like
      you and me running around them. There are enough people to clap for
      them in public meetings. Malankara Varghese might have died in the
      name of church conflict. And even there is a Binu who was killed for
      the same reason. There can be a Fr. Mathew Jacob Puthusseri who was
      attacked, or there can be so many other clergies & laymen from both
      factions. Who cares? Our Metropolitans are satisfied in their
      minister like reception in various functions, as they have ensured a
      chair with state & union Ministers.

      Is there any loss for these Metropolitans? They might have forgotten
      all of these names. Only those who were dependent of these people have
      a loss. I know these selfish leaders are not going to bring any bread
      for me like what Jesus Christ did. Instead I, myself, have to work
      hard for earning my daily bread. Still I respond to these messages
      hoping there will be a day where our people will recognize rights and

      Today when I was reading Mathew Chapter 5 I was thinking, have they
      spend at least a day on meditating these, we would have got a solution
      for a problem of 100 years. I really mean it; we need ONLY ONE DAY FOR
      A PROBLEM OF 100 YEARS! Will they be ready?


      Sajy Thannikkottu, Kathmandu
      # 2912
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