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13950Proposal for truce. (MSOC Vs JOC).

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  • Mammen H
    Nov 2, 2008
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      Dear Readers,

      Will a proposal in this forum make any positive move? But keen to
      know the opinions of others. The primary subject of the conflict is
      the "Throne". Let us adore the "Thrones", St. Peter's and St.
      Thomas'. For IOC, HH Patriarch is the spiritual leader. The "HH
      Catholicos" and the "HB Catholicos" quandary can be solved through
      the following steps.

      1. Let HH Patriarch be always our spiritual leader.
      2. Let both the HH and the HB retire and take rest.
      3. Let the new HH be the senior Metropolitan of the present
      Jacobite group.
      4. Let present Assistant Catholicos HB Milithios continue.
      5. Select another Metropolitan from Jacobite group to be in line
      for Assistant Catholicos.
      6. Dissolve both the associations and elect a new one.
      7. Shuffle the Diocese Bishops and Vicars.

      If this happens, with in a few years our church will be long ahead
      than other churches in kerala.

      Will evils in both the group agree this?


      Mammen H
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