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138New Church Consecrates By The Patriarch

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Nov 8, 2001

      Patriarch Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas consecrates Mor Juhanun Church in Delmenhorst (Germany)

      SOLNews - (Delmenhorst, November 4, 2001).

      On the occasion of today�s �Feast of Church Consecration�, His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakka I. Iwas, Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, consecrated the Syrian Orthodox church Mor Juhanun da-Kfone in Delmenhorst (Germany). More than 3000 Syrian Orthodox Aramaens from all over Germany and other countries as well as many guests from Protestant and Catholic churches and political parties attended the ceremony. Among them were the Bishop of the Syrian orthodox diocese in Germany Mor Dionysius Isa G�rb�z, the Metropolitan for Central Europe Mor Julius Jeshu �i�ek, Mor Dioskoros Benjamen Atas of Sweden, the former catholic bishop of Vechta Max Georg Freiherr von Twickel, the Member of Parliament Holger Ortel, the Member of State Parliament Harald Groth and the Mayor of Delmenhorst Carsten Schwettmann.

      The Patriarch travelled from Damascus for this special occasion and arrived in Germany on October 29. On November 1, he met with leaders of the �Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland� (EKD) in Hannover. Yesterday, the head of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antiochia followed an invitation by Mayor Schwettmann to visit the City Hall, where he signed the �Golden Book� of the city of Delmenhorst. He was accompanied by the bishops Mor Dionysius I. G�rb�z and Mor Julius J. �i�ek as well as by leading members of the local Syrian Orthodox church.

      Construction work on the 6000 square meter property started 16 months ago. The total costs for the new church of Mor Juhanun da-Kfone and the adjourning community centre with its large celebration room were about four million German Marks. The enterprise was financed by a loan as well as by donations from Syrian Orthodox Aramaens from all over Germany. The city of Delmenhorst itself donated 40000 Marks for the new youth centre.

      The Delmenhorst church consists of approximately 240 Syrian Orthodox families, 70% of which originally emigrated from the village of Mzizah in Tur Abdin (south-eastern Turkey). The new place of worship offers space for approximately 800 attendants. The old prayer room. Located in a former industrial building, was sold in order to finance the new church building.

      Gabriel Rabo


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