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13301"Shubho" – Radio Malankara – Officially inaugurating today

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  • SOCM Forum Moderators
    Sep 3, 2008
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      Dear All

      By the Grace of God, "Shubho" – Radio Malankara ( http://www.radiomalankara.com ) will be officially inaugurated today at Manarcad St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Cathedral at 2:00 PM. The Catholicose of the Jacobite Church H.B. Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I will be officially inaugurating the Radio broadcasting service.

      Live broadcasting from Manarcad Cathedral will be starting tomorrow at 7 a.m.(IST), in order to broadcast the services of Morning Prayer, Holy Qurbano and the Public meeting in the evening, wherein the Radio Malankara will be officially inaugurated. The mobile broadcasting unit of 'Shubho' is already setup their unit in the Church premises for live broadcasting. The live audio broadcasting can be heard in "shubho" – Radio Malankara at http://www.radiomalankara.com

      For the last few weeks, the Radio Malankara was broadcasting programmes on a test basis and ever since was popular among the Christian population around the world. Holy Qurbano of our Catholicos and Bishops, Traditional & Liturgical songs, Christian Devotional Songs, audio biography etc were broadcasted during these test period.

      We are much thankful for your prayers and support given to us for making the radio service into a reality. However, we further request you to support us by remembering this project in your daily prayers and also providing us with more audio recordings of Syriac Orthodox worship, songs of different occasions and spiritual talks of our prelates, clergy and church recognized lay ministers.

      We submit this project for the ultimate glory of our Lord Almighty
      and for the Holy Church.

      In Our Lord's Love
      SOCM Forum Moderators