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13022The term 'Jacobite'-- Now a Passion for IOC..!

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  • T. J. Eldose
    Jul 30, 2008
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      Dear moderators

      There is nothing ever exempted from Criticism in this world. Criticism is always a success when its intedend with right sense..! Recently the Jacobite Syrian Church went udner Fire by some of the Bishop Candidates of IOC. A Ramban joked on this what Roman Catholics of the west on their ignorance twisted in 17's or 18's..!

      Anyone who contact with new generation priests in Roman Catholic Church would say that thier Church is the only true church in the world.! Even during last Visit of Pope to Australia they had the 'Way of Cross' on World Youth Day..! It means that they dont know when this has to be commemorated and thier yougsters were in the Pub onthe previous day drinking beers and when a TV reporter contacted about this, the young team of girls and boys responded in a funny manner. For them whether its 'spiritual' or'sports', without 'SPIRIT', there
      is no Spirit'!

      These ignorance has had in their forefathers who bluntly blammed the Syrians who followed the true principle of Jacob and with thier ignorance and pride, the RC called him and his followers as Jacobites!But a true study on this even by the Theologists in Europe has put back different conclusion and thats what prompted Pope John Paul to come with an Open Pardoning Ceremony!

      When a Ramban from IOC in Kottayam came with some 'Conclusions' it looks like so.When he criticised the term and been using that name Jacobite)which he firmly concluded was a teasing or nick name, he open up his ignorance same as those who without any spirit.!

      After a while, off late, an Old man from Thrikkariyoor claims differently allowing no one else to use that name. When Ramban jokes at this name, the Thrikkariyoor man claims this name for Patent...!

      So is this name 'Jacobite' a passion for them...?!!And to add little more, the Big Wigs of Kottayam (Who pride themselves as Genius budhists)!) is still no way to accept the Indian part of Universal Syrian Church as a Church.they call Putherncruz society..! The IOC is based in India which has to be adhered to Indian Law, This Church Jacobite church-Indian wing of U.S.O. Church) is also adhered to Indian Law and been accepted by others in the society.! But IOC cannot admit that..!

      Poor IOC's...! You have to accept this truth...! Your forefathers from Vattesseril did the wrong thing which you have to repent one day..!when the time for that comes, HISTORY or TIME will tell the story to new generation.

      Hope it has some clear intention to protect our faith.
      Prayers and Regards,
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