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12795Re: Question on Practises of the Church

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  • Robin J. Mani
    Jul 2, 2008
      Dear Deevannasios Thirumeni and Mr. Jose Kurian Puliyeril,

      Thank you very much for the detailed explanations. These explanations
      reaffirm the fact that our Church is solidly built on the Holy Bible
      and Apostolic traditions. In today's modern world we see many protestant sects accusing the SOC of being marred by olden rituals. This is quite the contrary, as pointed out each and every aspect of the Church has a strong Bible and traditional grounding. Everyday I am amazed at what a beautiful Apostolic Church we in Malankara have inherited, we truely are blessed. God Bless our Holy Syriac Orthodox
      Church and Our Holy Father.

      Yours in Christ,
      Robin J. Mani
      St. Paul's Syriac Orthodox Church
      # 2364
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