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12775Mor Toma, pray for us

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    Jun 30 1:51 AM
      The evil one wails,
      "Where thencan I flee from the righteous?
      I incited Death to kill the apostlesas
      if to escape from their scourgesby their death.
      More than ever now
      I am scourged harshly.
      The apostle I killed in India[has come]
      to Edessa before me.
      Here is he and also there.
      I went there, there he is.
      Here and there I found him,
      and I am gloomy.
      Did that merchant carry the bones?
      Or perhaps, indeed, they carried him

      Carmina Nisibena (42:1.1-2.2, Kathleen McVey, Ephrem the Syrian, Paulist Press, 1989, p. 25):

      His relics were moved from Edessa later and rediscovered in this century at the Syriac Orthodox Church of Mosul by His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakka I while he was the Archbishop of Mosul.

      The Church commemorates the memory of St. Thomas on July 3rd. The date marks the transfer of the remains of the Apostle to Edessa. The Church in India also commemorates the Apostle on the New Sunday after Easter, on December 18th when the Apostle is believed to have been speared, and on December 21st when he attained martyrdom.

      Patriarch H.H. Ignatius Zakka I in an encyclical dated October 20, 1987, added the name of "Apostle Thomas, the preacher of the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in India" to the the fourth diptych (Syr. tubden) in the Malankara Church.

      Mor Toma, pray for us
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