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  • Abin
    Jun 16, 2008
      Dear beloved Jacobites,

      I am appreciating Sherin Chandy for his/her love and care towards Holy Church of ANTIOCH. I know that many are not interested to keep the Holy faith of ANTIOCH.

      We have educated boys/girls in our church. Once after the completion of their education, parents will search for a partner. From this time onwards all are leaving faith and get into a path that no need to think about church, think about good family, good this .. good that.... come into the theme of ecumenism.....

      We have great leaders to show this. I am not referring anybody's name here because if i refer also no use. But like to tell about the facts.

      I heard that one very prominenant leader have 2 daughters. Both were married to outside church and they left the church. This great dad came once for our Youth meet. He told us whatever happens in his political life he will not leave Jacobite church. I dont understand why he is so likely to be in Jacobite church. Is he be here because he thinks whether he have any benefits in political life? or surely because he will get heaven. We can understand that he may think he can go heaven and he dont want his daughters to be in heaven. GREAT DAD and MOMS.......

      Again, another great leader of our church always tell about ANTIOCH and send his daughter outside HOLY church in an excellent way. Want to know how? Boy is from opposite faction. He married this girl at our church(which too is not her home parish) infront of our boys........ with the blessings of a bishop. Poor Boy's of our Church who are trying to keep the holy faith !!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... The reason he told was when she born he decided that this child's marriage should be in this Jacobite church.

      Again, an Officer, was the great leader of Youth Association, send his daughter along with manorama. Even some of our Priests send their daughters like that.

      Again the case of Boy's are also not soooo good.... A lots are marrying girls from outside church.... thinking that these new girls are joining to our church.... Stoppppppppppppp.................

      Please understand that a lots of girls here inside church are waiting for you...... Pathetic condition of poor girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      As a Jocobite both boys or girls never feel pathetic because all are ready to go outside... Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      They have their own reasons to make fun of poor faithfuls. What happened after that????? Even the common people also think why we toooooo????? Instabilityyyyyyy..........

      Who loses ????? These innocent girls left the HOLY church because of their parents only.

      We have to understand one thing..... These girls/boys are our assets. GOD gave them for the boys/girls of our church.

      What i am telling is Sherin Chandy, if you wants to keep the Holy Faith, then keep. Not to expect anything from anyone.

      Even our Decons have no time to take part in the holy mass of our church. They have assignments in theological seminary. Wants to know what is the assignment? Have to took part in "imitation" mass of other churches. Need to preach in their churches and make reports about what they see and did in these places. How is it?

      I am only telling one thing Our LORD's words.... In last times no one in this world have faith......

      Like to repeat what S Chandy states..... PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC......

      I am not responding to Mr. Bejoy Chacko and Mathew Chacko's doubts, because its better we have bishops, priests great scholars are here in this forum to explain this. I am leaving for them.

      Bejoy, its not an easy task by explaining the entire faith and  history of Holy church of ANTIOCH. These thing a tru Jacobitian have to feel.... This is not a thing to write only in papers or in forums.....If your friend wants to know about Holy church then ask him to study the sunday school text book first. Their it clearly mention basic things about all and what happened in Synods in Nichea, Constantinople and Ephaeusis.

      For a just answer for your question :

      St.Peter Established HOLY THRONE at ANTIOCH in AD 37. Not after AD.325.

      One more thing to understand is it is not a matter that he/she is in kerala for 5 yrs or 10 yrs and after that he went to some other place....Did anybody prohibitted his/her parents to take the church books or sundayschool books to outside kerala? Did he/she forget to learn his usual class/UG/PG. Did he tell oh! i left kerala after 5 yrs. so i didnt study after 1st standard?

      It is the duty of a Jacobite faithful to teach his children by taking books from avaliable places if there is no other option. So its better to stop excuses and, start studying from the scratch.

      Mr. Chacko asked about a good question, that somebody(an imitator wore some wadrobe of our priest)joined Jacobite church and now a Ramban. I am not answering for this, let our leaders answer for this. Expect no one is going to answer.

      I am repeating - if you wants to keep the Holy Faith of ANTIOCH, then keep. Not to expect anything from anyone.

      St Mary's Cathedral Valya Paly
      # 3257
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