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12663Leadership and Administration... a Spiritual Gifts?

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  • Saju Varghese
    Jun 12, 2008
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      Leadership and Administration... a Spiritual Gifts?

      In my years of experience, I have heard and learned repeatedly about leadership and management. Leadership as the art and science of influencing others, of helping a group do the right things. Management about helping the team actually do things right, accomplish things, and be in control. This weekend I was reading the book "Jesus on Leadership" and it mentioned Leadership (Romans 12:8) and Administration (Management, 1 Cor 12:28) as spiritual gifts. I had never thought of them a gifts...

      I had thought of us having gifts that help us be better leaders and administrators, but I never thought of them as spiritual gifts themselves. Again, leadership having to do with creating a vision, empowering teams, creating alignment, inspiring, and coaching. Management having to do with planning, organizing, measuring, and controlling. From a spiritual gifts perspective I had known about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Holy Spirit, but I guess there are other spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament.

      In "Jesus on Leadership", Gene Wilkes mentions that from the context of the New Testament members with this leadership gift serve the church as those who stand in front of the assembled church and call the people to a common vision and goal. Those with the gift of administration were analogous with those steering a boat. They provided guidance and direction. Those that led the church not only had the gifts of leadership and administration, but they also had other gifts such as that of being apostle, prophet, or teacher.

      I think it is so important in life to be a good leader and administrator; whether we are supervisors at work or helping others. Even in our own personal lives we need the gift of leadership to visualize a better future and the gift of administration to actually put in place what we need to realize our dreams. Now that I see them as gifts, we can pray that God sends His Holy Spirit and help us improve these spiritual gifts to advance our lives for His glory and the benefit of all society.

      Saju C.Varghese
      St.Peter's Cathedral, New Delhi