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12658Re: Shame U on shaming others..!

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  • Abeesh Jose
    Jun 12, 2008
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      Dear father from ireland,
      answers for you...


      IOC seeing patraiarch of antioch is like the following way a son
      decsribing about his father......

      He is not head of the church. But we are entiled to all the
      propertiies in his name. Like a son who dont care and love his father but want his properties.

      Like a son who claims 'tradition , family name , goodwill belief of
      his father but denies him,. LIKE WISE IOC following the same dreescode rituals liturgy etc...

      But when some people question IOC you are answer is like that, malankara church was in need and patriarch helped.

      It will be like this.... mother wanted a child so the father was
      called for day . so he cannot be treated as father.

      Abeesh Jose

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Fr.T.George wrote:
      > Dear Abeesh,
      > Would you please tell me on what reason was HH Ignatios Abded
      Messaih patriarch excommunicated? I want to know what happend to his
      holiness after having returned from India.

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      Dear Abeesh
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