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  • Johnson
    Jun 11, 2008
      Dear brother,

      The term 'IOC' itself is not an offical one though they use it. The
      real name according to 1934 canon! is MOSC. It is true that the
      altar boy or deacon reads out the name of Holy Patriarch in the 1'st
      dypthic but only GOD knows whether the celebrant make the cross and
      pray for him. Why I say this because they argue that as per their
      1934 canon the present patriarch is not recognised. The messenger!!
      from GOD, Fr. George Thankachan from Ireland has declared this in
      one of his postings in their forum which was reproduced in this
      forum by Dn. Joel Jacob of USA. This type of hollow sacraments and
      prayers are the basic differences between SOC and MOSC.

      In his love


      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Cijoy Varghese wrote:
      > Dear Sir
      > Indian orthodox church still prays for patriach holding throne of
      antioch in qurbana as our holy father still has not officially
      removed it. If you call some one your father you have to obey him.
      Disobeying a god created authority is a sin when you actually
      believe trust he is one.
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