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12651Re: Evangelism, in the Malankara church?

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  • Larry Quintana
    Jun 11, 2008
      Greeting Babu,

      Thank you for your response. Yes this is the answer I was looking for. I know that the SOC is not to widely known in the US. I am sure that the SOC is known to the communities that are familiar with the church thru thier native land. I was thinking more along the lines of spreading this wonderful church and worship to the American communities and those of Protestand or non-Oriental Orthodox backgrounds. I believe from my own recent expierience that not knowing about the rich history and looking at the Bible and Christ from the Orthodox way of thinking, we in America and those in that grew up in protestant/pentecostal circles are missing out on a lot. I know it will not be easy but many are searching for something new, but yet at the same time with consistancy and apostolic succession.

      Thank you
      Grace and peace
      Brother Larry
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