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12637Re: Shame U on shaming others..!

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  • Rev. Fr.T.George
    Jun 9, 2008
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      Dear Mr.T.J.Eldos,

      God has sent me as a messenger. And I have come to tell you people about the Truth. It is my Dharma(obligation) to let you people know about the Truth. It is God's will that you people should know of the Truth who fumble in darkness of ignorance.

      Dear Abeesh,

      Would you please tell me on what reason was HH Ignatios Abded Messaih patriarch excommunicated? I want to know what happend to his holiness after having returned from India.

      Dear Mr.George,

      You will get the answer for your first question if you read any book on 'Ancient History of Christianity in India'. For your second question, please take note that we -IOC- have no delicacy in accepting the spiritual leadership of Patriarch of Antioch as part of our courtesy. But we differ only in terms of temporal matters. We object to the unnecesary indulgence of Patriarchs in internal administration of the Malankara Sabha. A foster father can never claim
      the place of the real(biological) father.

      Hope you understand me.

      With love, prayers and blessings,
      George achen, Ireland.
      St.Peter's & St.Paul's IOC,Drogheda
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