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  • Abin
    Jun 9, 2008
      Dear Beloved Jacobites,

      It is fair that some topic can discuss and some not for discussion but to keep. So for this topic we do not want to have a discussion. This is not a matter for discussion.  This is a faith of Jacobites. Otherwise we can start a discussion from scratch, about topics like "Who is GOD ? Can we touch GOD? Is soul there? an anybody show the soul ?" like that.....

      Before reading please remember that Earlier Church have 3 thrones ANTIOCH, ROME and ALEXANDRIA. Later Constantinople a throne was added. Dont have enough space to write about all in detail.

      The members of Universal Syriac Orthodox Church are not permitted to have communion with anyone who excommunicated from HOLY CHURCH. Those who are excommunicated from Universal Syriac Orthodox of ANTIOCH, even if they use Fr., HE , HB any thing before their names are not going to get power of holy episcopacy from holy sprit. There is no doubt at all.

      Coming to the case of marriage. Holy matrimony is also a sacrement, so no one from Jacobite Church is permitted to marry outside church. I know there are things happening. I am repeatdly saying, this should have to stop. Jacobite priests should not give permission letter (kalyana kury)for these type of marriages.

      Again the case of baptism, If any of the Jacobites parents trying to go to any groups/imitators named as church and believe that they can baptise their childern here and there. Surely those parents are also out of Holy Church of ANTIOCH(As per the faith and order from H.H Yakoob 3rd Patriarch - Those who are joining with excommunicated ones are also excommunicated). That is just a bathing and putting some oil by some imitators. Holy sprit will not come in these cases.

      The Holy Sprit will come and the child will join to Holy Church only if the authorised person(those who have the priesthood of Holy Church) have to do the prayers.
      Dear priests of Jacobite Syriac Church,
      As you people are the Father (spiritual dad/rep. of Lord) of a church, its your duty to keep your children. We believe the faith to HOLY ANTIOCH is an integral part for the spiritual life, because this is the Holy Church of our lord Jesus Christ. So please think all our church priests, If you people allow our church members to go outside our church, then what is its meaning? what common people can read this,- internally as "yup my dear son/daughter you can move out from the Holy church of our lord Jesus Christ, I permitted you". I dont know how our Lord reply for this. May God give all of us to keep the HOLY faith of ANTIOCH. So please My Dear Fathers of our church, i am begging you all to please stop to give permission for this type of marriages. I am just writing this, i am not a person to advice our Fathers,  but a simple thought that seems a big sin, that violate one of the base faith of our church.

      If we are not keeping the faith in its proper manner then it will put our church again in worst conditions.

      Somebody from Ireland is trying to advice over here. Just remember, we know what is the history of Holy Church of Jesus Christ, What is H.H Patriarch, Catholicates, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and common people, and their duties. We dont need your teaching. We have Bishops and priests to advice us and to clean our sin. If anybody wear some clothes that is similar to the wardrobe of the Bishop's/Priest's, the Holy Church of God knows, those are the imitators that are trying to make the faithful to move out from Holy Church. We all are praying to Our God that never make a situation to hear these people.

      And at last i am advising you, if you want to get into Holy church of God, do repent and remove the wardrobe that you put for imitation and receive the baptism from Holy Church, stay along with the common people and work for Holy Church. After that if God calls you,  then receive the priesthood from Holy Church. This is the procedure. If you don't want to get into Holy Church, just discard this.

      I dont want to take this as a matter to discuss. but this is a base line faith of Universal Syriac Church of ANTIOCH.

      Also not expect any reply as advise or anything those are not Jacobites because THIS IS A FAITH FOR US.

      If any of my dear jacobites wants to write aganist this, before write, please read atleast about St.Elias 3rd Bava, the salmosa of St.Gregorius Geevarghees Tirumeny, St. Athanisus(Valiya tirumeny), read what St. Eldho Baselius Bava told to Mor Ivanius.  Again tempting to write then first write against these Holy fathers at the end write reply for what i wrote.

      Also to my learned church members, if anything is wrong what i wrote from the teachings of our Holy fathers, please reply.

      May God Bless all of us to keep the faith of our Holy ANTIOCH.

      To moderators,

      I have a request, earlier i wrote about one subject. But you people cut some part and publish some part, and replied me about the reason that in this forum no need of any arguments. What happened is when you cut some part, the core content that i wrote was lost at that time. After that now i am writing because i tried only to read, but i am helpless for not to write now.

      I just write because of our people to keep the true faith of our ANTIOCH. So please either publish full content or discard, then i will not write to the forum any more.

      St Mary's Cathedral Valya Paly
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