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  • Pathhikan
    Jun 9, 2008
      Dear All,

      Here we go again ! I was trying to confirm the belief of my fellow
      faithful of Syrian Orthodox Church from Thiruvalla, Dipu George. Here
      comes one Rev.Thankachan from no where to teach us something. I want
      to respect all fellow humans as wonderful creations of my God. Some
      people never learn that they should not get into somebody else's
      kitchen matters or not to loose respect. They poke their noses into
      the affairs of others shamelessly. I think this person is a partner
      of that same crime in the attempt of closing the hole with darkness
      (the malayalam saying is: 'Iruttu kondu ottayadakkuka').

      This person threatens us like the Pentecostals that if someone
      doesn't agree with their self-proclaimed sainthood, all are going to
      be cursed. The history denotes how the deposed Patriarch was brought
      to India in 1912 to satisfy the vested interest of the rebels and the
      curse came upon them since that time onwards is still staying with
      them very well. Dear brothers & sisters, don't be trapped by these
      kinds of propagandas and calculated hermeneutics. These rebels have
      been playing this kind of gimmickry to deceive our innocent faithful
      so long and now they are slowly realizing that the Holy Church of our
      forefathers is beyond their grab while they are still in their
      pathetic mess. We don't need anybody's certification to prove the
      stand of the Holy Church. I challenge Rev.Thankachan to try to take
      up with his superiors to solve the administrative dispute he is
      talking about if it is that simple as he states. These people are
      insolent and callous ones pulling strings from behind to make things
      much more worse and insoluble. I ask this person to click on this
      link and read the latest news:
      URL:http://www.syrianchurch.org/News.html . Tell me, is this
      administrative dispute OR pure goondaism, greed, thirst for power &
      money, roguishness/debauchery or whatever?

      I am talking about their causing of the latest episode at our
      Kadamattom St.George's Church. Read the news, think well and
      comment. Administrative dispute! Mannamkatta !

      My fellow Faithful, don't be fooled or give face value to their bogus
      advises. These disguised personnel will appear everywhere and say
      that our ancient Holy Church and their new trap are the same.
      Without accepting each other and allowing each other to live or to
      let live peacefully WE HAVE NO ASSOCIATION or Inter-communion with
      the so called Indian Orthodox. Anybody thinks or acts otherwise are
      ignorant. St.Thomas neither provided anybody any vestments,
      liturgical items nor throne but pure Word of God. It is true that
      our forefathers & mothers were convinced by the Saint's Gospel and
      all Nazranis of India can claim that heritage. The history says how
      the Holy Syrian Orthodox Church traditions and liturgy played in
      sustaining christianity in Malankara through our unwavering faith.
      The truth is crystal clear. Nobody has to teach us. Where the truth
      stands there the Mighty One dwells.

      One word to our dearest Moderators: It is about time to purge these
      fake ones from our Forum. Entertaining these persons will only confuse our innocent faithful. (I understand the policy of transparency of our Forum). If we happen to loose one faithful to the rebels because of our transparent policy, we will have to answer to the Holy Syrian Orthodox Church.

      I don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings. But please restrain
      yourself from poking your nose in other's affairs and you will be
      happy and peaceful.



      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Fr. George Thankachan wrote:
      > Dear Mr.Padhikan,
      > You are badly mistaken! To the question, whether IOC and SOC have
      inter- communion, I will and must say, the answer is a BIG YES.
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