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  • Rev. Fr. George Thankachan
    Jun 7 2:33 PM
      Dear Mr.Padhikan,
      You are badly mistaken! To the question, whether IOC and SOC have inter- communion, I will and must say, the answer is a BIG YES. Though both differ in matters of administration, they belong to the very same family of the Oriental Orthodox Churches. A learnt leader of SOC wouldn't tell what you had said. Why should you make it dark by shutting the eyes? If you say IOC is an anathematised church, you will have to say that St.Thomas- the Apostle of Christ and HH.Ignatios Abded Messiah Patriarch who came to India to establish the 'Catholicate of the East' in 1912 also excommunicants. Do you agree with this? Why do you mislead poor people of your Church and invite curse upon you from heaven?

      Be a sane and saint!

      With Prayers,
      George achen, Ireland.
      Fr.T.George, St.Peter's & St.Paul's IOC,Drogheda.
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