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12588Evangelism, in the Malankara church?

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  • Larry Quintana
    Jun 4, 2008
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      I have many questions about the church. So forgive me in my
      ignorance. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I am American. We have
      been exposed to the Malankara church for about a year thru seeing
      videos on the internet and the many websits about the church. We
      recently attended worship with a local Jacobite church and had a
      wonderful time.

      I see that the people from India a very proud of thier history
      culture and tradition. I can appreciate and respect that very much. I
      know that the scripture asks us to spread the gospel to all nations
      and people. We see this in Acts when the Gentile and united with the
      Jew and vise versa.

      As the Malankara churchs have spread thru the world, I was wondering
      if there is a effort to go to the Non-Indian peoples and share with
      them the beauty of this form of worship. I did look at the North
      American Jacobite church's website. I did see that there appears to
      be maybe two white/American priests here in the states. I think that
      this is wonderful to see. I suppose that for those comming in for the
      first time is can be a little different, hearing the worship in the
      language of Malyalam.

      Thank you
      Grace and peace

      Brother Larry
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