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12587Sub: Can you explain the difference.

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  • Dipu George
    Jun 5, 2008
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      I do have one question which i have been trying to seek.

      Does the Syrian Orthodox Church consider the priesthood of the Indian Orthodox Church as valid?

      I am asking this because if my memory serves me right The Late Lamented Patriarch HH Yacoub III had excommunicated all their bishops in one of His Bulls.

      How seriously does the Syrian Orthodox Church treat an Excommunication?

      Is it considered heretic to let the Indian Orthodox Church Priest to partake in wedding ceremonies etc? and during marriage with females from that Church, is it necessary for them to undergo Baptism from our church before getting married to one of ours?

      I would be obliged if someone can throw light into these matters, which in my opinion, many amongst us have turned a blind eye because of mutual convenience in many spiritual and materialistic convenience.


      Dipu George
      St George Simhasana Church
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