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12421Re: "IOC" Leadership Remains A Nuisance For Christianity in India

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  • Sinoj Edayanal
    May 7, 2008
      Dear Brothers,

      I really feel very euphoric seeing the valuable messages from Rev. Dn
      Joel and from Mike wingert regarding the recent discussion regarding
      the subject related IOC nuisance. I strongly agree and support to Dn.
      Joel about his opinion about the father from ireland. I appreciate if
      he utilize his knowledge for spreading the doctrine of christian love. He will sometimes act as the real angel from heaven, even sometimes critising and belittiling the priests of their on Kanjikuzhy society. Once i have a argument with him and finally he told his wife is from jacobite faction and he respect the belief of his inlaws but later his posting reveals his depth of respect to his inlaws belief.

      Form run by moderator Bindu once send me a personal message that bad languages cannot not be used in the forum messages and i need edit the message which i wrote as a reply to this priest.

      They mentioned this about a phrase I used "koduthal kollathum kittum". I still dont think that this is a bad language. But recently they are expressing all nasty words reagrding the head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox church H.H Bava and about our catholicose H B Bava. Even one of the recent message from an elder express in his message the full form of Dn., which is the short form of Decon in all christian churches, as demon. I strongly believe that this is not only his view but also the great teaching from the Kanjikuzhy society.

      Friends, our supreme head, the real holy father of our church is planning to visit Malankara to see his beloveds and children. Kanjikuzhy society and its priests dont blank out that the first name
      you remember in holy qurbana on every sunday is of this father. How can we empathise their prayers, if they are acting one way in the altar and behaving other way outside.

      Kanjikuzhy society always proudly says that there is a kabar of Mar
      Thoma sleeha at Devalokam. Please remeber that the holy relics placed
      there is handovered to them from this same holy father.

      The clergies and hirarchies which belongs to the American diocese of this kanjikuzhy society is the real manipulators and actors. They can act like anything. Those people who migrated in early 60's and 70's still believing that Jacobites (real succcedors of Mor Yakub Bordhono) in malankara are still foolish and they can be cheated
      easily like the act of 70's reunion. Some priest from kanjikuzhy
      society (annointed thrikunathu chapel manager) sometimes visit these
      domains, and recreate these olden-golden days through his 70 model
      kadha prasangam. So the faithful believe that everything is going to
      be same. A Rev. Decon belongs to this part heralded a church union in
      70 model in his previous message with a sugaring words of christianity. This is a clear evidence of their attitude.

      They can do all nasty things in the Jacobite churches and can pour
      crocodile tears. If these people are educated enough, first chore is
      to make understand this christianity to their leaders in the
      kanjikuzhy aramana.

      There is nothing to wonder, this Kanjikuzhy society is born,
      broughtup and now existing in lies, treachery and perfidiousness.
      so have to expect all these faces of these peoples.

      May His Love and Mercy endure all.

      Sinoj Edayanal
      # 4009

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Rev. Dn. Joel Jacob wrote:
      > Beloved Moderators,
      > I thought it would be appropriate to share this with SOCM members
      > since our "IOC" member from Ireland makes a lot of noise here. He
      > calls himself "Fr. George Thankachan".
      > Written May 1, 2008:
      > ".......I know HH.Ignatios Zacha Ivas I is just a helpless holy
      > puppet in the hands of the greatest manipulator of our time-HB
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