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12350Re: Kabaradakkam - Good Friday

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  • Issac K. Joseph
    Apr 30, 2008
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      Dear moderators,

      The video of Good Friday (the entombment) is not something to be published. Jesus's 'Kabaradakkom" was not done public. Only a few were there as we read from the Gospel. That is why it is conducted with the curtain closed. The traditions are gradually eroding. May be this is a rented church, where there is no curtain!! Also, the tomb is not sealed with insulation tapes.

      This video depicts so many mistakes and goes against the traditions. The body of Christ is supposed to face East and kept right sideways, without touching the wound on HIS left side on the floor. The head of the cross should be to the South during the burial rites. A cotton pad is placed below the west arm (when the head of the cross is to the South) to keep the cross to face East. Also, the cross is bound using the palm leaves at three places as is customary in Malankara. Many of our "learned clergy " do it incorrectly. If it is repeatedly seen, then that will become the standard. I don't know who will bell the cat?

      I am not happy with these kind of use of media. The request for Holy Qurbana live telecast is also in line with this type of media exercises. It is after all my personal opinion.

      I may be too Orthodox!

      In Christ
      Issac K Joseph
      Member Id # 0917

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      > This is a very good video that shows the 'Kabaradakkam' on Good
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