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12197Re: An Aramaic Syriac orthodox priest shot dead in Baghdad

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  • Johnson Mannathoor
    Apr 8, 2008
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      Acharyesha M'sheeha koodashakalarpichor -
      acharyannekuka punyam Natha Stothram

      Dear All in Christ,

      Let us pray for peace in all parts of the world and particularly in
      Iraq. America destroyed the peace and initiated a civil war in Iraq
      but still they are paying heavily for that grave mistake. It is like
      God's curse that the US economy is sinking. Our Holy Patriarch had
      good relations with late Saddam Hussein and that may be one of the
      reasons for the attack on our people. Any way it is thousand times
      better to become a martyr or sufferer for our Lord than becoming so
      at the hands of our own brotheren.(I refer to the Kunnackal church
      issue, Thrikkunnathu church and various churches were so called
      christian brothers are attacking their own kin).

      Let us all pray for peace to prevail till the second coming of our

      In his love,


      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, SOCM News Bureau wrote:
      > An Aramaic Syriac orthodox priest was shot to death yesterday
      > morning in a neighbourhood of the capital of Baghdad.
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