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11979We, the Thomachans & Pathrochans

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  • Abraham Paul
    Mar 2, 2008
      One hot Sunday noon, Thomachan and his brother in law Pathrochan, were going home after Church. On the way a young man joined them. He was happy to see the two coming together and asked why they were so late.

      Thomachan told him that in his Indian Orthodox Church, they had a serious meeting to work out strategies to close down more Jacobite churches at places where IOC have fewer members and they have no control over church property and income.

      The young man sadly looked at the other guy. Pathrochan said that they had some discussions in his Syrian Orthodox Church to counter the IOC�s designs and to get their closed churches opened. They also had the usual prayer service on this issue as some believed it was the only hope.

      I see. But where are your wives and children? Don�t they go to church nowadays? The young man asked.

      Thoma: My wife is his sister and so won�t go to IOC Church. Sons joined some Modern Believer group.

      Pathro: My wife is IOC and she hates SOC. I have a girl. She ran away with some boy of other religion.

      �Oh! It all seems befitting, looking at the situation you all are in around here.� said the young man.

      Sensing the young man�s dismay and sense of grief, they asked him who he was, why he looked so sad and tired and why he did not go to any church on Sundays.

      For this the young man said: �Naturally you seem to have forgotten me, but I know you and your parents knew me very well. You know that dilapidated old Jacobite church there closed down and locked out for years now?

      �Yes, yes. We go there on the day of parent�s death anniversaries, and for burying our relatives, with police protection, of course.� They said.

      Yong man: Yes, I know. Always I am there in that old Church, where all those good souls know me and seek me out to pray to make their children sensible, and wait at that locked gate waiting for them to come and open that church some day and attend H. Qurbana and Prayers together with us, sans the Police.�

      He continued: �You do not see me going to those new buildings you guys made because, like you, none there seem to know me and they won�t like a stranger around.�

      �Incidentally, my name is Emmanuel, in other places where they know me, they call me Jesus.� Bye.

      Abraham Paul
      SOCM # 3321