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11943We Must educate our Youngsters

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  • J M Paul
    Feb 27, 2008
      Dear All,

      The Issue which was raised by Mr Alex and Mr. Johnson are absolutely prudent with the new development in the Chiurch in recent times. We must educate our youngsters the reason which caused to spit in our Church in 1912 and must told that there is no Indian Orthodox Church geographically and ecclesiastically while the Catholic factions is nothing but breakaway group of our Holy Church.

      Similarly Our church, including our managing commitee, should officialy demand that " the Catholicate faction must vacate from all churches come under their suzernaity established prior to 1912 which was in fact built by either the delegates of Patriarch of Antioc who had come to Malankara from time to time or Malankara Bishop ordained by the Holy See of Antioc so that the current Devalokam Catholica has no legal, moral, and relegious right over any of the said Churches"

      With regards
      J M Paul,
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