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  • Shinu Jesus Abraham
    Feb 7, 2008
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      Hebrews Chapter 13 Verse 7 : Remember them which have the rule over
      you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow,
      considering the end of their conversation.


      Barekmore / Shlomo

      During my childhood days I used to come across a very poor Thirumeni
      in our nearby church. HG was very pious, soft spoken, never seen in
      front of any public attention and least sought for in any major
      church gatherings. HG didn't have a car of his own nor any major
      diocese to govern. Compared to HG's contemporary greats like
      Beselius Poulose Bava, Perumpally Thirumeni, Divannasios Thirumeni
      or Clemis Thirumeni, Parayakulathu Yakub Mor Themothiyos Thirumeni
      looked very small and poor for many.

      But as I grew up and in the past decade hearing on many occasions a
      number of Thirumeni's and Priests quoting Parayakulathu Thirumeni, I
      realized HG was indeed really rich and made our Syrian Orthodox
      Church much richer beyond our expectations. A true and strong
      believer of our Apostolic succession had come out of a IOC majority
      church in the early 70's with a few families, built a new Simhasana
      church in his own ancestral property showing a clear vision of the
      schism that erupted. Being the first principal of the MSOT Seminary
      in Udayagiri HG trained and brought out an army of leaders for our
      church in the most difficult period. SOC is indeed indebted a lot to
      Thirumeni which reaped the hard work of HG in the last two decades.

      HG was called to eternal rest on 10th February of 1986. It may have
      been the highest honor for HG for his faith and belief that he was
      blessed from the highest that HG's Dukrono falls on the day
      thousands of the SOC believers pass through this church and the tomb
      on their way to the sacred tomb of Manjanikkara Bava each and every
      year. May the blessed memory of Thirumeni, his teachings and faith
      always be an encouragement and blessing for all our church.


      Requesting prayers

      Shinu Jesus Abraham
      Member ID # 2908