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11800AYYO....(I.O.) WHAT A CRY ! An Eye Opener To Many..

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  • Padhikan
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Dear All,

      For those who have no access to the other forums, I intend to do a
      service by posting this message along with the writing of a heavy
      hearted person from elsewhere. From the south-eastern part of USA he
      expresses his view on his faction's recent resolution of 'not to
      invite any ministers of the present communist-led government of
      Kerala to their functions' after the government's handling of the
      Alwaye Thrikkunnath episode logistically. Please read.



      Quote -

      Beloved in Christ:

      I am very much confused about this situation. There are lot of
      questions coming to my mind about the Thrikkunnathu Seminary
      incident. This incident and a lot of other past incidents teach us a
      lot of lessons.The Government will never try to implement the court
      judgement. In Ernakulam district the Patriarchal faction has
      good influence and the MLAs of that area will always support the
      Patriarchal faction. At this point what kind of justice we should
      expect.Is there any value for justice or law.It is India.Our culture
      and our society is like that. We don't want to invite any ministers
      for our functions. Good decision , but who cares about this? Nothing
      happens to the government if we don't call them. We will be the
      losers. When Ommen Chandy was the Chief Minister we forced him to do
      a lot of things the way we wanted. We forgot that he represents the
      government and church had no role to make him as the Chief Minister.
      When we found that he is not acting according to our instructions we
      tried to avoid him. Again Malayala Manorama is keeping themselves
      away from the church business because it was somebody's hidden agenda to keep Malayala Manorama away. We have to remember that we need influential people and organizations to support us. One more thing which bothers me is that , our church doesn't have any good friend. No other christian community in Kerala will support us.We have to realize this fact.Again we are planning to observe a protest day (36th Sunday). During this lent season,being the time of purification is it right to observe a protest day? It is wise to skip from some situations and act like a fool( chilayidathu mandan kalikkunnathanu nallathu). In the Thrikkunnathu seminary incident when they demanded to pray at the tomb we could have simply allowed them to pray and could not have made this incident a shameful one.My opinion may be wrong and unacceptable to others. Please remember that just like the patriarchal faction,doing whatever they want our people will not do like that. "Do not resist evil". We have to be really concerned about our situation. We are getting weak to witness Christ in this world. A lot of people are leaving the church.Let us focus on our spiritual life during this Lent season. I am still hopeful for the unity and if it doesn't happen let us work for a honorable exit from this crisis. May God bless us all.If any of my statements hurts anybody sorry for that.
      Benny Achen, South Florida

      unquote -
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