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1175Syriac teaching course.

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  • SOCM
    Aug 19, 2002
      Dear members

      Shlomo Lkhoon,
      (Peace to all)

      Aramaic, also known as Syriac, was the primary language of the Near
      East for thousands of years. It was the language spoken by Jesus
      Christ and His disciples, and is also the liturgical language of
      several Near Eastern churches including: the Syriac Orthodox Church
      of Antioch, the Assyrian Church of the East, the Maronite Catholics,
      Syrian Catholics, and Chaldean Catholics.

      As per the request of many members of this forum, we will be starting
      a Syriac word teaching class in a short time. We will start with a
      transliteration scheme on how Syriac alphabets will be represented in English.

      Every week a short lesson will be appeared in the forum. Your doubts will be
      cleared by the Syriac language experts. If any of the existing members wants to
      join as teacher may write to SOCM-FORUM-owner@yahoogroups.com telling a little
      bit about yourself (i.e., do you speak Syriac? which dialect? what church you
      belong to, etc.)

      In Our Lords Love

      Poosh baShlomo,
      (Stay in Peace)
      Forum Moderators
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