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1153OO youth end gathering with networking plan

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Sep 13, 2002
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      2002.09.11 Daily Star:
      Orthodox youth end gathering with networking plan

      Some 30 young people representing the Coptic, Syrian and Armenian Orthodox
      Churches in the Middle East concluded their three-day gathering held in
      Bikfaya to analyze the common challenges facing the youth.
      According to a statement issued Tuesday, the gathering was held under the
      theme of the First Orthodox Youth Gathering.

      Participants had the opportunity to pray together and learn the history of
      their respective churches. During the plenary sessions, participants
      discussed the challenges of the era and the networking of the Orthodox

      In their final session, participants issued a list of resolutions
      stipulating the establishment of an interactive e-mail group, the
      preparation of a website for the Orthodox Youth, the publication of a
      newsletter for the gathering and the organization of the Annual Day of
      Prayer and Celebration for the gathering.

      The statement also said that a Second Orthodox Youth Gathering would be
      held between Sept. 5-9, 2003 in Egypt.

      Thomas Daniel
      St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church (Cheriya Pally)
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