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1151An Example of crookedness IOC

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  • Manoj George
    Sep 13, 2002
      I really cannot understand how anyone in their right
      senses can endorse the actions of the Devalokam
      Group. I am not refering only to the recent incidents
      but right from early 1900 's. There have been
      enough instances in the Malankara Sabha history in
      this century to prove that this group have no
      inhibitions about going to any extent to aquire the
      churches and other temporal assets of the Orthodox
      Church. Let me give an example. I belong to the Syrian
      Orthodox community which migrated to
      the state of Karnataka in the early 50's.
      Predominantly we are settled in the South Canara and
      districts. We come under the perviewe of The
      Evangilical Association of the East which is under the
      Jurisdiction of the Patriarchate. We have 14 churches
      and 5 chapels which have been built only
      because of the sincere efforts of the people and the
      Blessings of God. I write this because the
      people living in these areas are not financially
      strong but in spite of this we have been able to build
      places of worship largely due to the strong leadership
      given by the clergy in these areas.
      The incident I am refering to happened in St.George
      Church, Narasimharajapura which is the largest parish
      in Karnataka with over 400 families. This church has 5
      chapels. Recently in one of the chapels there came up
      issue which was purely an internal one and a very
      small group of about 10 people turned against the
      Vicar who
      is my Grandfather. As usual and with tactics known
      only to them the Devalokam group brought this small
      group under their influence and took up the issue. The
      result was an issue which was a very minute one was
      out of proportions and a case was filed in the court
      for the possession of the Chapel. I dont want to
      elaborate the
      details of the unchristian methods with which they
      tried to take possession of the church but I want to
      write about
      one particular incident which shows that they can go
      to any extent to establish their claim.In order to
      show in the
      court that the chapel actually belonged to them and
      that we were occupying the Chapel unlawfully, they
      a few photographs in the court. These were photographs
      of the Devalokam Priest (?) offering H.Qurbana in this
      And beleive me, these photographs were taken in the
      most cunning way only this particular group can do.
      All the doors of the chapel were bolted from inside
      and only the main door was locked from outside. What
      they did
      was one of these people got inside the chapel through
      the roof and opened the door for the Priest (?). And
      he put on the
      'Kappa' and posed for the photographs. Can anyone
      think of a more cunning way to do it?
      This is the tradition of the Devalokam group and
      proves that anyone in their right sense of mind can
      never ever endorse
      the actions of this group.

      Manoj George
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