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11454Re: Ex-Suroyoyo Ramban Ordination Pictures

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  • Johnson
    Dec 3, 2007
      Shlomo to all,

      In one of the previous mails someone had highlighted that when these
      people left via Cochin Airport, one of them was seen in the red
      robes. Now the secret is revealed. From the background it seems that
      the photograph is taken inside St.Thomas Aramana Chapel at

      I wonder whether there is a provision in 1934 constitution wherein two bishops can ordain a new bishop. I think minimum three are required. There are all chances that these people just have posed for the photographs to be carried by suryoyo person as an evidence that he is a bishop now. For the truth to come out we should wait for a video.

      Let us wait and see what actions will be taken by the mighty Devalokam leaders who claims that nothing will be done against the 1934 bible in their Church. They are now cleverly fooled by these name-sake Bishops.

      I really feel pity on these two 'Arunodayashukrans' which are fallen down.

      In his love


      --- In SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com, Jacob John wrote:
      > Hi members,
      > As per my message of 30th November 07, I am attaching herewith two
      photographs of the ordination of ex-suryoyo ramban Moosa by the ex-
      bishops Moovattupuzha Athanasios and Milithios, with the help of
      some priests under them. I wonder whether this ordination by these
      two bishops is with a silent approval from the IOC heirarchy or
      not!!! It was heard that they left Kerala, without using and
      showing any sign of a Bishop's attire, and is now acting in Germany
      as a Bishop!!!!!
      > IOC heirarchy should come bold to say whether they approved these
      ordination by two bishops of their group, when there Catholicose is
      still alive OR are they going to take any action against these
      opportunist metrans, who are defiant in their own group!!!!
      > Jacob John
      > member id 2567
      > ----------------------
      > Moderators note:
      > The ordination photo can be viewed in the following link:
      > http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddpf3z6z_07gx4pw
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