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1139Posting polices of SOCM

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  • SOCM Moderators
    Sep 10, 2002
      Dear members,

      In response to the request of many of our members, we the moderators
      of this forum, request every one to include a brief introduction
      about themselves, with the parish church they go to, and the place
      from they are etc along with the messages they post in the forum.
      Since all our members appreciate the full identity of the writer of
      the message we encourage all of you to include that in the message.

      Anonymous mails will be deleted without posting.

      We encourage all members to introduce themselves very briefly along
      with the message.We do not recommend disclosing your e mail address
      along with messages and all e mail addresses will be edited off
      unless requested by the author. Also, most of the members of this
      forum are recently joined and do not know each other and appreciate
      a brief introduction by the author. We request your name, parish
      church/place along with the message.

      We limit our postings to five or six messages every day. Long articles
      related to church will be published in series.

      The ideas posted in the messages are only the opinions of those who
      post them. They need not agree with the principle of the Community or
      of Jacobite Church. Since this is a discussion forum, we allow members
      to express their views openly. However, if they are too harmful to the
      community, including personal accusations against the members of this
      forum, they shall be moderated using the principle of journalism. All
      are welcome to respond to different views.

      Some members have suggested to have directory of members who have e-
      mail address. I would leave this to the group members to suggest your
      view on this. Please present your view in the "POLL" section by
      selecting your choices.

      Expecting your cooperation,
      With prayers,
      Forum Owner / Moderators
      Thomas Daniel
      St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
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