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1123Re: Good Moral/Babu V. Thomas

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  • Mathew B
    Sep 6, 2002
      Dear Sir,

      The current malankara metropolitan was not
      fairly/freely elected. He was elected soley by the
      Catholicose faction. Therefore he has no power over
      the churches of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church.
      The courts can be manipulated using money and power
      but faith cannot be crammed down peoples throats.
      Why the Parumala Association was unfair and
      manipulated: Please read this summary from

      A meeting of the Malankara Association was
      unilaterally conducted by the Catholicos faction of
      the Malankara Church at Parumala St. Peter's Church
      today. The association meeting and election was
      presided by the Catholicos Mar Baselios Mathews II.
      The election confirmed the Catholicos as the Malankara
      Metropolitan and elected 37 priests and 74 members of
      the laity to the association. The Supreme Court of
      India in its 1995 verdict had ordered the conduct of a
      Malankara association meeting to be attended by both
      factions after appropriate modifications to the
      constitution of 1934. Since 1995, several formal and
      informal dialogues between the two factions were
      initiated but did not yield fruit. On November 28,
      2001, the Supreme Court directed the Catholicos to
      call for fresh elections to the association by issuing
      encyclicals "by name". However, the Catholicos
      proceeded to issue encyclicals using the disputed
      title of Malankara Metropolitan, seated on the throne
      of St. Thomas. The agenda of the association meeting
      was declared as the confirmation of the Catholicos as
      the Malankara Metropolitan, rather than an open
      election to the position. While 1064 churches were
      parties to the litigation that lead to the 1995
      verdict, over 1500 churches were notified of the
      meeting and invited to participate. A tribunal was
      appointed by the Catholicos to arbitrate disputed
      matters, but without representatives selected by the
      Patriarch faction. These issues were brought to the
      attention of the independent observer Retired Justice
      V.S. Malimeet at meeting of both parties on December
      20, 2001 at Kottayam. The observer ignored the pleas
      of the Patriarch faction stating that these issues can
      be considered after the elections are conducted.
      Having received no assurances of transparency in the
      election proceedings or of a free and open election to
      the offices of the association, particularly that of
      the Malankara Metropolitan, the Patriarch faction
      decided to boycott the elections.