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1114Re: Grabbibg some ones churches?

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  • Jes
    Sep 4, 2002
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      Dear Mr V Thomas,

      You are right in calling the DEFROCKED priest whatever you called him.
      Once thrown out of SYRIAN ORTHODOX by the very authorities who gave him
      priesthood, he has been defrocked and hence is now just a layman.
      Whatever the supreme court says does not matter in this respect. The
      supreme court was not at any of the Meetings of the Ancient Church.
      Nither was it there when the Nicean Creed was adopted. In India the
      Supreme court is a joke. All these pundits were mum when the Babri
      Masjid was destroyed and when Christians were accosted all over the
      Give them importance and they will definitely make life more
      troublesome. Ignore and deny, they cannot do anything. Be strong in
      faith and through prayer and supplication make your needs known to
      HIM.He will provide.



      > From: V Thomas
      > Subject: Grabbibg some ones churches?
      > Dear All,
      > I am amused to read the setntiments, expreesed by few Indian Orthodox
      > brethren who blames The govt in not implementing the supreme court verdicts.
      > They also are crying fowl, in not handing over all properties to Mathews II.