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10669Matrimonial Advertisements NOTIFICATION

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  • SOCM Matrimonial
    Jul 2 10:17 PM
      Matrimonial Advertisements NOTIFICATION

      Dear Members/Readers,

      The SOCM-Forum is keeping a free matrimonial advertisement section,
      which will be published on every Tuesdays. This service can be
      availed by any Malankara Christians. However, recently we have
      noticed that many esteemed members, after sending the matrimonial
      advertisements to us, are not informing us whether the ad is to be
      continued for longer periods or not. Some times we face embarrasing
      situations when the advertised party got married and still the
      marriage ads in the forum are repeated.

      Hence, as on 17 April 2007, we have decided to keep any matrimonial
      advertisements initially for a period of THREE MONTHS only. If any
      advertisers would like to extent this period after its initial
      period, they have to send us a written request to extent the period.
      In such cases, we will continue the publication of the advertisement
      for a further peiod of one or two months, as per their request.
      However, we will not be continuing the ads thereafter.

      We request every advertisers of today's matrimonial section (No.
      78/07), to cooperate with us in informing whether the marriage is
      over or you want to continue the ad for another period. We will only
      continue with the advertisements of such confirmed advertisers.

      Hope everybody will understand and cooperate with us.

      Be with us and be part of us.

      In Our Lord's Love,
      SOCM Forum Moderators.
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