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10456A suggestion for IOC theologians

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  • CJ Varughese
    May 27, 2007
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      Dear All,

      A doctor in an IOC forum was crying that the people in IOC is not getting enough enlightenment annointment of the Holy Spirit, and he was trying to emphasise that there are occasions in "their liturgy" that provoke the Holy Spirit to enlighten the people who attend it. With great sorrow he proclaimed that the IOC-ians believe that only with a charismatic type of prayer they may get the intervention of the Holy Spirit, and the people are moving/attracted towards charismatics movements..

      I think for the last 5 or 6 decades, the IOC clergy were concentrating more on educating their people with wrong dogmas and history, and sidelined the beautiful liturgy with a sole aim of promoting the Catholicate. The beautiful hymns that raise the faithfuls mind to the highest, and the ordinary human can become part of scores of angels that praise the LORD, were abandoned or sidelined. The constant electoral processes for making somebody a metropolitan, elevating another to the post of Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan through ballots etc. diverted the attention of the ordinary people, and all these activities prevented the Holy Spirit's intervention in the Church affairs, and thus made the church affairs fully worldly. Of course all these left the people to believe in corporate style of running the Holy Church, and they felt it very much that by alienating from the Mother Church made their congregations into a corporate culture. They realized that by making highest domes and beautiful buildings will not allow the intervention of Holy Spirit in the running of the Churches, nor by suffixing and affixing with decorative titles will not make their Catholicose Holy, and these lead the masses to believe that their thirst for anointment of the Holy Spirit is not available with the so called church. Majority are loosing their heart, and had become either silent, or to look for some other means of solace.

      I now feel that as part of the Indianization of their Church, their theologians should look for other means. As a resident of North India for the last 3 decades, I noticed that the people here chant in way-side temples "Jai Siyaram, Jai Siyaram" with devotion, and high voice with the help of drums and bells. I saw people who attended these got too spirited in this activity. The autocelaphour IOC should think of discarding the holy hymns of liturgy and in place they should adopt chanting "JAI, JAI CATHOLICOSE" and hope this will boost their followers too much spirited like the people in North India, and thereby they can satisfy the egoist claim of the Catholicate. Like in Hinduism they do not need any prayers, only chanting of this slogan in high pitch. I hope the IOC theologians should look into adopting this method of POOJA, and satisfy themselves with a new INDIANIZED culture immediately.


      CJ Varughese
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