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1000Re: Mother of God? Part 1

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Aug 8, 2002
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      Dear Mr. Issac

      Tertullian became a Montanist late in life, no writings
      exist from this time of his life. Most of his writings are considered
      Orthodox. The only exception being that he supported death-bed
      Baptisms as opposed to infant Baptism.

      Thomas Daniel

      --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., Issac K Joseph wrote:
      > The author of this posting says this doctrine can found in
      > the second century Fathers writings , but it is peculiar that
      > he chooses as proof the writing of Tertullian, a man condemned
      > as a heretic. Admittedly the text from Tertullian that he presents
      > does reflect Orthodox teaching, but my question is why didn't author
      > choose a text from a **true** Father of the Church, a title that
      > Orthodoxy does not apply to heretics. We commemorate as Fathers
      > men whom we also commemorate as Saints. It is western scholars
      > who count as "fathers" all ecclesiastical writers of antiquity.
      > Orthodoxy never needs to resort to heretical writers in order to
      > support her doctrines, and certainly not to the exclusion of true
      > Church Fathers.
      > In Christ
      > Issac K Joseph