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  • Thomas Daniel
    Feb 10, 2001
      Dear Thomas

      This style of argument and genre of writing is all too familiar to
      us. Many persons has for several years belittled the Patriarch and
      the Patriarch faction among Oriental Orthodox Christians on the
      internet, spreading the most blatant lies and gossip.

      As far as we concerned, the bottomline is that if the Catholicos
      faction thinks that they can subjugate the Patriarch faction they are
      dreaming. We have no intention of forcing the Catholicose faction to
      accept the authority of the Patriarch against their wishes; however,
      they are hell bent on forcing their authority over people who wish to
      be under the authority of the Patriarch through unethical means.
      Fortunately, we live in civilized societies where freedom of
      religious belief is a fundamental right and I am guarding mine very

      Keep in touch
      in Our Lords love
      thomas Daniel

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      > --- In SOCM-FORUM@y..., "Daniel Thomas" <daniel_reji@h...> wrote:
      > > Dear Emil Mishriky,
      > >
      > > Let Our Lord's blessing with you
      > >
      > > As u assumed, we are one of the Oriental Orthodox Church. Our
      > is
      > > the Patriarch Of Antioch and all the east.
      > >
      > > There is no eastern orthodoxy in India so far.
      > There is a Greek Orthodox mission based in Calcutta. Visit
      > here:
      > http://www.ocmc.org/countries/india/
      > This mission calls themselves the "India Orthodox Mission"
      > and claims that their mission is the first Orthodox mission
      > in India after St. Thomas. In the future they may develop
      > in to an "Indian (Greek) Orthodox Church", especially
      > since a situation of tension exists in the true Orthodox
      > Church in India (i.e. the Malankara Church).
      > > Regarding the schisms, one group within our church is trying to
      > > become an independent church under the Catholicos of East. This
      > > crated a very sad divisions and court cases by our brothers.
      > > We all Hope a day will come to end of this schisms. Please pray
      > > that.
      > >
      > > Please also try to visit the following community and try to
      become a
      > > member of it.
      > >
      > > http://communities.msn.com/StGeorgeSyrianOrthodoxChurchCheppaud
      > >
      > > Be in touch with us
      > >
      > > In our Lord's Love
      > >
      > > Thomas Daniel
      > >
      > The Malankara Church of India is an integral part of
      > Oriental Orthodox communion. Established by St. Thomas
      > in India, the Church accepted the Syrian rites against
      > the rites imposed by Portuguese RC. The Malankara Church
      > ordained their first "Mar Thomas" by their own priests
      > laying hands of "Jathikku-Karthavyan" (leader of the
      > community) Thoma and named him the first "Mar Thoma".
      > Current succession of Malankara Church is from this
      > "Mar Thoma". Malankara Church is divided in to Malankara
      > Jacobite and Malankara Orthodox. Malankara Orthodox following
      > the "Mar Thoma" lineage mantains the traditional identity
      > of the Church and Malankara Jacobites increasingly
      > adhere to traditions of West Syrians. Malankara Jacobites
      > have several agreements with RC and Greek Orthodox. They
      > also accept their sacraments (communion. marriage etc.)
      > as valid in some cases.
      > The Malankara Orthodox maintains strong ties with Coptic
      > and Ethiopian Churches. The Malankara Orthodox also
      > acknowledges the "Spritual" authority of Oriental
      > Orthodox Patriarch of Anthioc while not accepting the
      > intrusion of Patriarch in matters of internal administration
      > which has caused much divisons in the past (formation of
      > Mar Thoma Church, Thozhiyoor Church, Independent Knanaya
      > Church just examples). The Church maintains that according
      > to the protocol signed between Anthiocian Patriarch and
      > Catholicos, the administrative authority of Malankara Church
      > is the Holy Synod of India whose head is the Catholicose and
      > "Mar Thoma". Malankara Jacobites on the other hands wants
      > the Syrian Patriarch to rule the Oriental Malankara Church
      > and are submitting Indian Churches of Malankara Nazranis
      > to Syrians.
      > In Christ,
      > T
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