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  • Thank you! I learned something. I presume that home ownership usually went to the oldest son? Then the rest of the family lived in the home as long as the oldest son allowed?
    milliemom4683 Oct 11, 2012
  • On the LDS website, for the Slovak village Zubak https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-22633-21294-69?cc=1554443&wc=MMYV-5FR:n329565407, there is an entry for the birth of Catharina Marciss. Please help reading the notes where the baptismal sponsors are written. My main question is, does the note say that one of the sponsors was a grandfather named George? And, what does...
    milliemom4683 Oct 11, 2012
  • Is anyone having trouble with the upgraded LDS website? Since they have made the recent changes, I can't load the pages. I give up after waiting 5 minutes to unsucessfully load a page. I use DSL, and have tried both Firefox and Explorer. I did e-mail LDS, but was hoping someone would have suggestions. Thank you!
    milliemom4683 Sep 24, 2012
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  • There is a note for the birth of a son, ninth entry. https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-22638-8307-87?cc=1554443&wc=MMYV-LDQ:n264983679 It looks like circul.natarius. I think natarius means daughter, but what does the circul. abbreviation mean? Thank you for any help!
    milliemom4683 Sep 19, 2012
  • The surname is Budjacs. It is written as Budjacs horni. Horni or hornich is not a surname in the area. In fact, the family picks up the mother's surname as a "do" right after their marriage. That is why I think the "horni" refers to something that is not a nickname. But, I really don't know.
    milliemom4683 Sep 19, 2012
  • In one of the names of my lineage, the word "horni" or "hornich" or "horny" is written after the surname. It is never capitalized like the nicknames usually are and is written smaller than the surname. Could this word have another meaning? I think it can refer to the word "upper", so I am wondering if it indicates that they lived in the hill country. Any thoughts would be...
    milliemom4683 Sep 18, 2012
  • ...June 19, 1763 Married: Joannes Stefanecz & Catharina Letko daughter of Michael --- In mailto:SLOVAK-ROOTS%40yahoogroups.com, "milliemom4683" wrote: > > LDS website: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-22638-49353-42?cc=1554443&wc=MMYV-LD3:n1091977041 > > The...
    Bob Mueller Sep 14, 2012
  • LDS website: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1951-22638-49353-42?cc=1554443&wc=MMYV-LD3:n1091977041 The sixth entry on the left, for June 19. This is probably impossible to read but I would welcome any ideas. Thank you!
    milliemom4683 Sep 14, 2012
  • While looking for children of an ancestor, I found 4 that had a "D" in front of the father's name. I know that can refer to deceased but obviously the man could not be fathering children over a several year span if he was deceased. (same wife, too) Any ideas? Thank you.
    milliemom4683 Aug 28, 2012
  • This is a wonderful group. I have learned much. As I am doing Slovak family research on LDS, several question keep coming up. Thank you for your help in answering them. Please forgive the many questions. Did names with "nobility" appear in the Hungarian Census? Did Hungarian nobility pass only to the eldest? The surname: Gombar--is that Hungarian, rather than truly Slovak, in...
    milliemom4683 Aug 20, 2012